Palm fruit steam cooker:

Utility : Cooking palm fruits before oil extraction
Dimensions: Ø 0,8m x H 1,64m
Energy : Wood, palmtree leafs etc.
Capacity : 240 kg of palmfruits
Cooking time : 2 hours
Operators : 1 person


Technical sheet :Palm fruit steam cooker

 3 CODEART cuiseur de noix de palme

Motorised palm oil extractor (press):

Utility : Extracting the palmoil from cooked fruits
Energy : Gas engine 9HP (1,5l per hour)
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 2,30m x 1,40m x 1,22m
Weight : 330 kg
Capacity : 500 kg of cooked palmfruit per hour
Operators : 2 people
Extraction ratio : 17 % to 35 %


Technical sheet : Motorised extractor (press)


Palm oil clarifier:

Utility : Cooking,  decantation and clarification of raw palm oil
Capacity : 100 Kg raw palm oil
Energy : Extracting the palmoil from cooked fruits
Cycle time : 2 hours
Operator : 1 person


Technical sheet : Palm oil clarifier

 10 CODEART allumage du clarificateur avec bois et tourteau seché

Motorised palm nuts crusher:

Utility : Nuts crushing
Capacity : 600 kg/hour
Energy : Gas engine 9HP (1,5l per hour)
Operator : 1 person
Sorting : manual


Technical sheet : Motorised crusher

17 CODEART concasseur de coques palmiste




100 tools for the maintenance of the equipements

 capture coffre outils

Technical and operational trainings:

Technical training for maintenance and adjustments of the equipements.

Operational training to help users exploit the equipments in a profitable way.

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