logo codeart  
  • The NGO Codeart designs and develops robust, economical and non-polluting agricultural machinery to support the decentralized rural sector transforming basic products in the South. 

  logo soley leve
  • Soley Levé-Seraing has been working with parters in Haiti since 1969. Agriculture and food safety: cassava and sugar cane. Training of development officers. Education and health.


 logo bercit  
  • BERCIT MEEGI: this workshop in Kinshasa manufactures and maintains processing machines which transform palm nut in palm oil, palm kernel oil, soaps,....

 logo gab  
  • GAB : the « Butembo Artisans Group» manufactures palm oil machinery and provides various metal constructions, including bridges integrating remote areas.

  • SOYAPRO MBONGWANA : NGO monitoring farmers organizations active in the « palm » sector in the region of Bas-Fleuve. 


 logo meles
  • AUGUSTIN MELES WORKSHOP : this workshop manufactures and maintains machinery for sugar cane and cassava businesses.

 logo aecp

  • The non-profit association "Les Ateliers-Ecoles de Camp-Perrin" (AECP) recognized since 1977 is based in Les Cayes - Haiti (W.I.).
    It gathers all the independent artisans trained and installed since 1968, as well as executives from Haiti and abroad. Today the association is made of about 20 members and is presided by Michèle Oriol.

    AECP is the first historical partner of CODEART, the latter having been created to meet their needs.

    The association aims to support the agricultural and associative world, of rural nature while ensuring a sustainable use of energy and food determinism.

    AECP operates throughout the country and offers a wide range of machinery and equipment.